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Transport for London

digital signage

After the success of the Transport for London Interactive Touch Presentation we were approached by Traffic Directorate – with a statement: “Interactive Presentation was fabulous but we want to move to the next level and create something extraordinary.”
P. G. Traffic Directorate, Transport for London

So we started with the Transport for London interactive Touch Application that was designed and developed to bring together individual work and show the correlation between various departments and divisions of Transport for London into one unique application.  Interactive application has reflected and uniquely visualised all the influences of the individual divisional work on overall traffic management. It incorporated current technologies used for Traffic Directorate Vision, Mayor’s Transport Strategy to future technologies.

Transport for London touch application covers all the areas of the Traffic Management from situational awareness, timing reviews, disruption management, congestion management, area identification and analysis processes , advanced 3D visualisations used  for intelligent  predictive capability, application of the current software in use within individual departments, different techniques used to live camera feed implementations and data analysis all the way to future integrations of  the new intelligent systems and technologies and their impact on the road users and traffic management.

Complexity of the application was not only to visualise all the functionalities and interlinks between different processes but to programme all the behaviours and simulations of Traffic Management including implementation of the live camera feeds and other technologies in use.
Each layout of this gigantic multilevel application was custom designed and programmed.
Technology used on this installation: 60” touch unit with rear projection. We worked closely with Paradigm AV – – to ensure the technology used worked seamlessly for the Application.



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