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Interactive Touch Presentation

Traffic Management Presentation- V1

We were approached by Traffic Directorate from Transport for London together with our partner company Paradigm AV  to create a dynamic interactive presentation that would present individual work and visualise the correlation of various departments and divisions of Transport for London into one unique presentation. Interactive touch presentation has reflected and uniquely visualised all the influences of the individual divisional work on the overall traffic management. Incorporating current technologies used for Traffic Directorate Vision, Mayor’s Transport Strategy to future technologies.
Key objectives were to create dynamic and unique presentation that will demonstrate all the activities and processes of the Traffic Management. To achieve that the presentation was animated throughout.

Complexity of the presentation was not only to visualise all the functionalities and interlinks between different processes but to deliver the project in a very short space of time.Each layout of presentation was custom designed. We executed this project with our partner company Paradigm AV that delivered all the hardware for the successful execution and together with ourselves oversaw the project throughout.
Hardware used 60” screen with touch overlay and rear projection unit.

Case Study

  • Background

    Identifying Needs

    This work resulted from a presentation by Paradigm AV and ourselves of gesture, multi-touch and touch technology as the client was looking at innovative technologies to incorporate interactivity into the current systems in use. Traffic Directorate was so impressed with our presentation and interaction that 3 weeks later they had their 1st   touch presentation live.
  • Chalange

    A Clear Vision

    Challenge on this project was timescale and complexity. From start to finish whole project was delivered within 3 weeks, including choice of hardware, storyboard, wireframes, design and animation.
  • Our aprouch

    Work with your Client

    In order to deliver such a complex interactive touch presentation we worked very closely with theTraffic  Directorate to gain a good understanding of all the operations taking place in divisions of Transport for London.
  • Solution

    Happy Clients

    As a result of our work we have become an official supplier for TfL.
    Words from Traffic Directorate show more than anything that we can say about outcome:

    “Just need to say that you and your team have made a fantastic job (under a lot of pressure, learning and restriction in time etc.)  of application development.”
    P.G Traffic Directorate, Traffic for London


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