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Interactive quiz and prize winning game

Jacobs Creek - Australian Open

After the successful roll out of the Jacobs Creek interactive quiz promotion for the Australian Open Tennis Tournament, we were approached to create a version for the Wimbledon Tennis Championship.

Promotion was rolled out at all the key global Duty Free Shops located at all  major international Airports. Participants would engage with the presentation in order to answer a few simple questions that determine their character and qualify to win tickets for Wimbledon.

For this second version we were also asked to provide the housing units for the screens proving we can be the total solution for any marketing solutions.


Case Study

  • Background

    Need for interactive promotions

    The need for these promotional experiences has risen from a need to create experiences that are seamless but involve the participants in a memorable way. Interactive promotions are changing the old face of advertising as they are engaging and create a high impact participant environment.
    In so many words everything that we engage with – we do remember.
  • Chalange

    Getting the key objectives right

    Key objective was to create an interactive quiz game that is interesting and inviting for the participants to take place in the challenge. As well as too create an engine to collect participant data for a prize draw.
  • Our aprouch

    Easy user interaction

    To encourage user interaction with the promotional units the participants were asked if they would like to participate in the challenge by interactively answering a number of questions.
    Questions were daily situations that we are all faced with and the answer determines our character. Questions were supported with quotes- to add dimension and flair to promotion.
  • Solution

    Technology combined with Marketing

    By combining all the ingredients together Jacobs Creek touch units promotion was globally executed through a number of Duty Free Shops located at International Airports. With its beautiful key messages, it offered participants a very memorable and pleasant experience.


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