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Readiness & Sustainment Appllication design for BAE Systems

BAE Systems R&S Application

Readiness & Sustainment application was design and developed for exhibition use on  large touch displays for BAE Systems. Interactive touch presentations offer the user great end experience as the user needs to engage with the application. Key objectives of the presentation were to present and demonstrate BAE Systems operations cross linked throughout different divisions yet taking place simultaneously. It was key to demonstrate and display to BAE Systems clients the capabilities of delivery and multi processes.

Complexity of this application was the huge amount of data that needed to be presented in an interesting, dynamic way to create an engaging presentation that would raise the user interest to find out more and overview different processes and all the parallel timelines taking place.

Final application task was to have two different modes of application, one as Stand Alone Application, allowing users to interact with application on its own and second as leaded by presenter.
Interactive touch presentation was designed with a complex management system to allow BAE System to add, edit and delete any data or media files in the application at any time.

Case Study

  • Background

    Application Programming

    We were approached to create complex multilevel application that reflects all the activities for several divisions of BAE Systems that are related and cross linked in their operations and production timeliness. Readiness & Sustainment application was designed and developed for exhibition use on large touch displays for BAE Systems.  Application was designed to be applicable for a number of different scales of exhibitions and conferences.
  • Chalange

    Flexible Management System

    Main challenge of this task was to create interesting and dynamic presentation for the user that will engage the viewer to dynamically and seamlessly move through different divisions and processes of  BAE Systems. A huge part of the interactive touch application was to develop its intelligent content management system, to allow client easy update and maintenance.
  • Our aprouch

    Complex yet sleek

    With such complex applications which hold large amounts of data – dynamics and consistency are always the key objectives for successful delivery.  By creating a dynamic, flash front end application, the final delivered presentation was both sleek and highly effective.
  • Solution

    Functionallity and Style

    Fabulous, functional multilevel interactive touch presentation that allows user to engage and follow different timelines and processes as expressed through a visual interactive level.